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  • Perfect Size – The Lastwave coasters for cups measure 4 Inch from point to point, This means our coasters suit all types of drinking glasses such as bourbon, highball, lowball, whiskey glasses, coffee mugs, tumblers, flasks, Mason jars, and large fountain drinks. With these coasters you can prevent spillage onto your furniture and countertops. They also make excellent holders for bar tools and wine accessories
  • Our coasters for glasses are vibrant and blend with any kind of table settings; Use them as holder for coffee cups, wine glasses, mugs, drinks, beer bottles, or as a trivet for your smaller pots and pans to keep your table free from scratches.
  • No more boring or eye-soring coasters. Our AMAZING artwork is PERMANENTLY printed onto the coaster using Premium heat transfer ink technology. Use these as mementos for a ladies’ Lenten retreat, or conversation starter for party, entertaining gala as well as present for wedding registry. Each piece features attractive and unique patterns.
  • Not only the backing material creates a friendly layer to your wooden surface, it also produces enough gripping power to prevent the coaster from slipping, which means your coaster will stay put even being used outdoor in a windy day!
  • Easy to Clean - Spills can be easily wiped off with a damp rag and should not stain if removed in a timely manner. Use warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent or safe surface spray to clean

Lastwave A Spring State of My Mind Design-19 Coasters for Home, Coaster Set for

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